Head Hunters: Week 5 Recap

Week 5 of the Black Ops 4 Head Hunters Season is in the books! Check out who won, who lost and everything that happened along the way.

Head Hunters Week 5 Recap started with 2 awesome teams: Eternal Souls vs Wicked Destruction. Both teams came out to fight, and played very hard. There was a lot of excitement that went into watching these teams battle it out. Team Deathmatch is always exciting, but the HardPoint game play keeps you on the edge of your seat.  Shoutout to KSI x Desolate for hosting the game play this week for Eternal Souls and Wicked Destruction.

Eternal Souls vs Wicked Destruction

Hosted By:

  • KSI Gambit 7
  • KSI TexAngel 7

Streamed By:

  • KSI MeShell 7


Scores: 2-0  

Winning Team: WD

  • KSI Zelus
  • KSI x Desolate
  • KSI x Itachi
  • KSI LostHyperen
  • KSI Deimos
  • KSI BRUTAL Eraze x

Dark Legions vs Demonic Mayhem


Scores: 2-1 DM

Winning Team: DM

  • KSI Soap 7
  • KSI McWiFi
  • Infinityhunt
  • lx Cryo xl

Congratulations to all of our winning teams. Thank you for everyone who tuned in to watch, and those who played! Stay tuned for our next round of Head Hunters, which takes place Wednesday, April 3rd at 9pm EST!

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