Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

Introducing Forums Koins!

What are Koins? How do you get them? Check out the new Forums Currency for KSI!

KSI’s Member Shop has wares.. if you have the Koin. For those of you who have been on the Forums recently, you might have noticed the button on the bottom of new posts that says “Donate Koins.” Koins are the new virtual currency on the Forums!

You can earn these fantastic Koins by posting in any area of the Forums (except the Archives). And you can even earn double Koins for posting in Divisional Areas, the Gaming Section, and the VIP Area!

Koins are spendable in the new Member’s Shop on the Forums! With all sorts of cool new items available for purchase in the Member’s Shop, the Forums has all sorts of fun reasons to reach out, meet new people, nominate friends for Forum Awards, and just hang out with other KSI members! For those who are interested, here’s the link to the new store:

For any questions or help you can reach out to the Forums Moderator Team!

Head Administrator: KSI xKing 77

Senior Forums Mods:
KSI xKami 77

Forums Mods:
KSI Dropshot 7
KSI Starset 7

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