History, Statistics & Information

The HSI Department

The History, Statistics and Information Department is responsible for actively gathering and organizing KSI community and member history, as well as keeping records of KSI events, updating monthly community participation logs and running the Spotlight Award Program.

This Department exists to ensure that KSI’s history, statistics and information are recorded so that future leaders may look back, learn, and appreciate the individuals who impacted this community. 

We take pride in remembering and keeping track of members’ histories – from Sergeant to Board Member, from Department Staff to Department Head. The events of the present are just as important as the memories of the past.

Department Head

  • KSI FadeZ 7

Senior Staff

  • KSI YeetQueen


  • KSI Starset 7
  • KSI Arc 7
  • KSI Harmony 7
  • KSI DarkAngel 7
  • KSI Lightning5

HSI Section

HSI Reps & Liaisons

Divisional History

Member History

Squad Gametypes

Community Participation Statistics

History, Statistics & Information officially split from the News Department on January 1, 2019. This event was due primarily to the efforts of KSI December 77, KSI Greenday 7, KSI Scotland 7 and the staff of both Departments.