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 Jun 30, 2014 - Information

 Luci Lux

Standard Operating Guidelines of KSI is to be used a guide for knowledge and guidance through out your journey in KSI

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Standard Operating Guidelines: (SOG)
The SOG’s are here for any and all to Read and to help members understand how KSI Operates, this is not by any means set in stone but they are here to guide you to the right place.
Definitions Of terms:
> The removal of a Member for Breaking to CoC in such a serious fashion Senior leadership Deem them unfit for the community

> The Act of combining 2 or more squads or divisions into one.

Do Not Hire (DNH):
> The removal of a member for breaking the CoC with a serious enough breach to be removed from either KSI, Division, Squad or a program but not enough to be blacklisted

> The act of a member moving from one division/area to another with the consent of there leadership

> The Act of Coxing a member of another Squad, Division, or Clan to join you illegally. This is Highly Disapproved In KSI.

> All Operations taking place in Squads or Divisions. Highest Ranking Member in Clan Ops is Senior Director

>All Operations Taking place on any web Site

Clan Hitting:

  • The Act of destroying what another Squad, Division or Clan has Built.
  • Generally Caused by Members who can not create there own squad, Division or Clan due to lack of leadership abilities.
  • Forbidden in KSI, If you Cant Build something don’t destroy others.

Clan ops Uniforms:
> Clan tag will be for your Rank
> Armor Primary will be for your Division Color. *halo
> Armor Secondary will be for your Squad Color. *halo
> Gamer Tag Motto will be for your Squad, Division, rank
> Bio will be for your recruitment date, who recruited you.

Age Recruitment Policy

  • KSI’s Minimum Recruitment policy on Age is: 15+ Years
  • All Divisions are allowed to Allow members Aged 15 and older to Join their Division.
  • By allowing the youth of Xbox live gamers to enter the community it will in turn give them an incite to basic management skills and developing leadership traits.
  • If a Division does not want any members younger than a specified age to join **example: one Division has minimum age of 17** Then They must have another Division to be able to hand off the member to, in order to not leave any member behind.

Conflict of Interest Policy:

Conflict of interest” means when the K.S.I.’s interest in securing objective performance of instructional, evaluative, supervisory, or other responsibilitie s conflicts with the personal interest, in the outcome, of the individual carrying out such responsibilitie s. Such conflicts of interest arise when an member is involved in a sexual or romantic relationship with a student or another K.S.I. member whom s/he supervises, teaches or evaluates; when an member lives with another member or student whom s/he supervises, teaches or evaluates, whether or not those individuals are involved in a sexual or romantic relationship; or when an member is involved in any relationship with another member or student whom s/he supervises, teaches or evaluates, such that the K.S.I.’s interest in securing objective performance of instructional, evaluative, supervisory, or other responsibilities conflicts with the personal interest, in the outcome, of the individual carrying out such responsibilities.


All Transfers Need To Be Requested By The Member Wishing To Go, First To The Division Leader Then The Director Of Each Division, If All Accept Then They Are Allowed To Go, But Different Reasons For Transferring Call For Different Procedures

-Simple break down for the steps to a division transfer-

  • 1> Ask your general if you are more needed where you are and if they have plans for you.
  • 2> Your General will either encourage you to stay or to aid you in pursuing the division transfer by contacting the leader of your division.
  • 3> Your division leader will get up with the director of the division
  • 4> The TWO (2) directors will then meet and talk the transfer over.
  • (discussion will include issues they are involved in, conduct, attitude, professionalism, )
  • 5> If the Director does not want the member, or feel the member is too much Trouble based on their record, the transfer will be refused.
  • 6> If both directors agree then the member will be transferred. *Minimum of 2 rank demotion to any rank, lowest being SGT for KSI tags. please remember that rank is not guaranteed to transfer over due to space in squads or the division as a whole.

Voluntary Transfer

  • This Is for a Transfer That Members Request To Go And Help Another Division/squad For Any Reason
  • They Stay The Same Rank During The Transfer (unless the rank they hold is Filled and unavailable)
  • They Are Not To Be Promoted For 1 Week After The Transfer
  • They Do Not Need To Recruit Any Members Before Transferring.

Deliberate Transfer

  • This Is A Transfer That A Member Requests To Go To Another Division Because They Want To Go There To Be With Friends Or Just To Be There.
  • They Need To Take a Minimum 2 Rank Demotion During The Transfer (potentialy a larger step down if posistions are already filled)
  • They Are Not To Be Promoted For At-least 1 Week After The Transfer (variable time can be held on this)
  • They Need To Replace Them Self In The Former Division By Recruiting 2 Members And Introducing Them To Other Member In The Division So The New Recruits Are Not Stranded.

Definition Of DNH

  • DNH means *Do Not Hire*
  • This Member Has Been Removed From KSI and its Divisions.
  • They Are Not Allowed Join Any Division Or Program In KSI
  • They Are Allowed To Play With Other Members In KSI
  • In Order To Return To KSI As A Full Member, You Need To Go To The Courts (Reference Court System) and have a succesful appeal.

Definition Of Blacklisted

  • When A Member Is Blacklisted They Are Not Permitted To Be In Or Around KSI Or KSI Programs.
  • Being Removed from a Division-/-Squad-/-All friends Must remove you and have ZERO contact.
  • If a member of notable issues within or outside a Division becomes such a problem then The Leaders of the Division (Founder and Up) Can Decide to Request a Senior Leader to Look into if the evidence warrants a Black list.
  • If you are removed from your division you can discuss it with the leaders of the division or the Director to find another division or if you have friends in other division you may request to join them as well, unless the issues you caused are decided to be too severe.

Definition of Security risk

A member can be deemed a security risk for one or more of the following:
– Associating with blacklisted/labeled security risk xbox users.
– Creating situations that potentially cause discord between members in squad/division.
– Mentioning past affiliations with specified risk clans/individuals.
– Creating an undesirable and/or uncomfortable environment within the squad or division.

All members deemed security risks are subject to full investigation before admittance to another squad/division of KSI

Usage Disclaimer:
– This by no means allows members to Blacklist or DNH members.
– This method of removal should only be used if members are socializing with Black listed persons or Clans-/-Communities or have made threats against KSI or its running or other equally Questionable actions.
– If you use this without any form of presented evidence then you have just removed a member under False terms and are subject to disciplinary action yourself

Rejoining KSI After Being DNH-/-Blacklisted

  • Log Onto The Forums (unless you were banned from the forums for your offence)
  • Go The The Court Area
  • Access And Fill Out The Appeal Form correctly
  • Wait Patiently For All Judges And Witness To Post
  • Answer Any-/-All Questions Directed Towards You
  • Accept Final Decision

Definition of Kicked out from Division-/-Squad

  • Member has been removed from Division-/-Squad for actions that the leaders feel is not what they want in their Division.
  • This does NOT mean they are not allowed in other Divisions but not allowed back in the Division that kicked them out.
  • They can go to the forums to see about applying to another Division.
  • There are Exceptions to this including but not limited to: Hacking-/-Socializing with known Black listed members-/-Hitting Squads and Divisions.

Squad Tag Information after recruitment

  • Acquire a squad tag on your friends list and update your Bio with rank information and location as instructed.
  • Sign-up on “” + “” and create a forums account.
  • Please print out the KSI Code of Conduct and Structure, and refer to it as needed.

Searching For Recruits:

  • Advance into a social or ranked match game type of your choice.
  • when recruiting make sure to have your team in lobby chat to effectively communicate with other players. Party Chat or Private Chat may cause you to miss questions from potential recruits
  • Play by the Code of Conduct and represent KSI positivity to the fullest.
  • During the match, communicate with the non-community members in a positive attitude as well as your fellow community members to encourage interest in KSI.
  • Joke around and have fun while playing.
  • If they seem intrested and ask questions, answer them and ask if they would like to join our community after getting to know them or vice-versa.
  • If they accept Then go into “The Recruitment Process

The Recruitment Process:

1. Talk to the potential new recruit, make sure he/she is Mature and of the correct age to even join KSI
2. Explain the KSI Code of Conduct clearly, make sure the player agrees to all of KSI’s standards
3. Explain our structure, such as Divisions/ Squads/Ranks/ Uniforms/ History
4. Give instructions on how they acquire their KSI uniforms. This includes Motto/Bio & In-game uniform.
(Clan Tag / Armor Colors)
5. Show them the squad tag they will be assigned to, and have them add it to their friends list.
6. Have the recruit then register on such as and
7. Give them information of the Division/Squad, such as weekly meetings/events and what time they occurs.
8. Explain how members can advance through the ranking structure, and what benefits they can have depending on what kind gamer they are. (Social/ Competitive/ Leader)
9. Keep asking if they have any questions after each step of the way to ensure they have a full and complete understanding of KSI and how it works.
10. Now if there are no more questions, and the Recruitment Process went fine. Continue to keep in contact with the member and keep track of there progress and make sure they are getting the best out there KSI experience, And just have fun!

NOTE: It is good to have another member or two in the party with you as they will be able to cheer for the newbie too and really make the new recruit feel welcome

Once this is complete, walk them through the steps of updating their motto and bio. Every new recruit’s motto should read as this example format, “KSI Phantom LS RCT.” The new recruits bio should read as this example format, “Recruited by KSI FUZZYMEEP 7 on 03/03/13.”

Once that is complete walk your recruit through the proper steps of having their motto, bio, and recent activity visible to everyone and have their friends list set to friends only. These steps can be completed through the Xbox live dashboard menu under “Privacy Settings”. (Please check these setting prior to adding the recruit to your own friends list; if the recruit is your friend you cannot verify that the settings are accurate.) These changes are also available by going to

You also want to make sure that you inform your new recruit that they must add the “Recruit Tag.” Be sure you explain to the recruit the importance why they are adding the Recruit Tag. After all these steps listed have been completed be sure to double check their motto and bio before you move forward to the recruiting process.

Next thing you want to do is inform your new recruit of the KSI website “” and help them create an account. Be sure to inform your new recruit why members are encouraged to have forum accounts.

Inform them of the squad meeting time and day and explain the importance of them being there (meet more members, get the latest information and get information about upcoming events, etc…)

Let the new recruit know that at some point, in the next 48 hours, a KSI trainer will pull them into a party and conduct their new recruit training so that the new recruit can get promoted to PVT and get started moving up the ranks!

Make sure they understand that the may be trained by someone other than their recruiter. We have had recruits refuse to join parties for training, even after being sent messages informing them of the intent of the party.

Make sure to tell the recruit who their 1CPT and General are and then inform them of the significance of KSI members that have a “7” at the end of their gamer tag. (Note: our 7s are key to our operations and should be respected, make sure that the new member knows and understands that 7’s can kick them out and ban them from the clan/forums. We want to avoid new members being unaware of what having a 7 means and then making out-of-line comments/flaming our 7’s.)

Additionally, make sure that for the next few days, you play with your new recruits and introduce them to other members of your squad so that they can build new friendships and a lasting positive connection with KSI.

Utilizing The Forums

  • Signing Up On The Forums
  • Reading thru the Terms of Service (Terms and Conditions) to be aware of the rules and conduct agreement that you should adhere to on the forums as-well as in KSI.
  • Post In The Welcome section To Introduce Your Self on the Forums
  • Find Your Division Area-/-Section on The Forums In either of these: Armada-/-Flagship-/-Fleet
  • Find Your Squad Area For Chat, Let People Know who you are and what Division you are in

Holding Meetings

Types of meetings:

  • Squad Meetings: > Invite any and all ranks in Squad To The Meeting
  • Generals Meeting: > Held by a divisions upper leadership to inform Generals of what needs to be passed down or dealt with.
  • Division Leaders Meeting: > Invite, Co-Founder to Division leader, often held by the directors)
  • Directors Meeting: > Where the directors are given the information to pass down or things that need to be raised and dealt with
  • Senior Directors meeting: > Where the Senior Directors meet after the Board meeting to format what will be passed down to the Directors and other members.
  • Project Leaders Meeting: > Where the Project Leaders of various programs meet and raise their plans for their departments and things to implement.
  • Board of Directors Meeting: > Where the Board members of KSI meet to discuss KSI and its projects and how it is being Run.

-Examples of Information that Should be present in meetings-
New Promotion’s, Demotion’s/reasoning, New Squads ,Updating G14, BlackListing and DNH messages, Tournaments, Squad Numbers, Making Sure All Squads Are Recruiting 5 Members A Week, Meeting Notes and their Attendance (Who Was There, Who Was Not. Excuses), All Topics Covered.

Holding Practices

  • Invite All Members Of Squad-/-Division-/-Team
  • Keep Games Played
  • Always Have Fun
  • Keep It Competitive

Holding Squad Tags

  • This is a Position of Trust and Respect
  • Access It At-least Every Other Day
  • Send Message’s Out About New Promotions-/-New Members-/-Meeting times-/-Any DNH or BL messages-/-Any Mandatory Repeat messages.
  • Update G14 whenever there are changes.
  • Motivational/positive Messages
  • 14 days. (Generals must have reasoning for any member offline for more than 14 to 30 days and still on tag, regardless of reason any member offline more than 30 days is removed)

Operating KSI Access (G14)

  • Upon attaining the Rank of General and acquiring the Squad Tag You will be issued a Code.
  • Register Using YOUR Actual Gamer-tag.
  • Update Members On G14 to reflect the Squad Tag Using Actual Gamer-Tag of those on your squad tag and the Designated game type of the Squad.
  • Update At-Least Every Day.
  • If a General has issued getting onto G14, then it Falls to the Co-Founder and higher in the division to update G14 for the General
  • If your account is not used for 7 days it is removed.
  • Any changes made to a divisions leadership (Co-Founder – Div Leader) must be communicated as soon as possible to a Senior Director so the “ Leaders List ” can be updated immediately.

Merging Squads-/-Divisions

  • Message All Members In Squad Tag About The Transfer.
  • Add All Members To New Squad Tag/tags.
  • Make Sure All Members Are Situated In New Squad/division With Leaders.
  • Make sure that the members are accounted for on G14.
  • Only Senior Directors Can Merge and Close Divisions.

Definition of the Advisor role in clan ops

This position is given to those Co-founders and above who need a term of leave because of rare or unexpected circumstances (Financial Issues, Relocation, etc).

To keep your rank of Advisor you can’t be gone from KSI for more than a month’s time unless it is because of medical leave.

This person has no duties in KSI and has no power in KSI until the time they are actively reinstated back into KSI.

Report to:
Division Leader, Director, and Senior Director.

This position isn’t given to a member without the approval of a Division Leader or higher. When the member arrives back and is wanting to be reinstated they must go through a 2 week trial period to make sure they are still functioning at the same capacity before they left. At that point of successful reinstatement the member will be eligible to either retain his previous rank, drop down to the next available rank, or in some cases move up one rank (moving up one rank will be held to the discretion of a Senior Director).
If an Advisor is gone for more than a month’s time, KSI has the right to remove the member from the Advisor role and set the member to return as a SGT.

Abbreviation: ADV

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