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 May 07, 2015 - Information

 KSI Luci Lux 7

The Board of Directors.

Updated November 20 2016

BoD members are highest ranked members in the KSI Community.

Their decisions determine the course the community will take.

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Executive Chairman / CEO
KSI FuzzyMeep 7
The absolute Highest ranked member over all of KSI

Chief Operating Officer: COO
KSI Ragnaroks 7/evilxiragnaroks
Highest Ranked member of Clan Operations, Second highest ranked member over all of KSI

Chief Administrative Officer: CAO
KSI Cero 7
Highest ranked member of Web-ops

Chief of Staff: CoS
KSI Greg 7
Head of Senior Director Team, In-charge of Education

Chief Information Officer: CIO
KSI Luci Lux 7
Handles and Maintains all intellectual property of KSI Global

Chief Financial Officer: CFO
KSI Ace 7
In-charge of Marketing and managing Financial Assets of KSI.

Chief Internal Affairs: CIA
Director of Human Resources
KSI Paratroop 7
In charge of investigating security issues within KSI.

Chief Department Manager: CDM
KSI ImPeRiiuM 7
Oversees the progression and collaboration of KSI’s Departments.

Chief Technical Officer: CTO
KSI Doctor 7
Second Highest ranked member of Web-Ops.

Senior Director Team
KSI Azrael 7
KSI Mpliers 7
 In Charge of Clan operations.

KSI Department Heads
Department heads run specific projects and areas of KSI.

Head Editor and Chief of News
KSI ImPeRiiuM 7

Head of the Productions
KSI ImPeRiiuM 7

Head of the AAP and Senior Moderator
KSI Scotland 7

Head of Courts

Head of the Graphics Department

Head of Tournaments and Events
KSI Mpliers 7

Head of Education
KSI Greg 7

Director of Human Resources
KSI Paratroop 7

Last updated March 29 2017

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