KSI Board Of Directors

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 May 07, 2015 - Information

 KSI December 77

The KSI Board of Directors

Updated 7.2.18

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Chairman Of The Board – COB
KSI FuzzyMeep 7
Chairman of the Board


Chief Executive Officer – CEO
KSI ImPyyy 7 
Highest ranked member of KSI


Chief Administrative Officer – CAO
KSI Ragnaroks 7
Highest ranked member of Web Operations
Server Admin


Chief Department Manager – CDM
KSI Scotland 7
Highest ranking member of Department Operations


Chief Financial Officer – CFO
KSI Ace 7
In charge of marketing and managing the financial assets of KSI
Server Admin


Chief Technical Officer – CTO
KSI Doctor 7
Second highest ranked member of Web Operations


Chief Knowledge Officer – CKO
KSI Greg 7
Oversees the educational progress and standards within the community
Admin in Training


Senior Directors – Clan Operations
KSI VeRiiTaS 7
KSI Ronin 77
KSI Gambit 7


Server Admins – Web Operations



User Support Admins – Web Operations

KSI Luci Lux 7


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