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Legendary Warriors: 3 Years Strong


The Creation of Legendary Warriors was created on June 12, 2014 by KSI Nick 7 and KSI Evil 7. LW split from Eternal Souls and the base squads were Leonidas, Xena, Beowulf and Hercules. Xena split only three months later and created the squad Achilles. Project squad Caesar and Hannibal were both created at the end on January 2015. Leonidas split on February 18, 2015 and made the squad Samurai. On May 7, 2015 Achilles split and made the squad named Hypnos. On November 11, 2015. Hypnos split and made the squad named Paladin. In every Division their our falls of squads and a lot of them did recover. The four squads that remain in Legendary Warriors our Samurai, Achilles, Hannibal and Caesar.

Legendary Warriors has come a long way since the beginning. In a couple of days of writing this article LW will have its 3 year anniversary. The current upper leadership are Seraphim 7 as founder and KSI Gary 7 as co-founder.

I can’t speak for every division in KSI but, LW is like family to everybody else. This division has guided many members through so many personal life issues. They have stopped what they were doing at the moment, when they didn’t have to. They are growing stronger everyday with their strong recruiting skills with a new line of Generals and Officers on the main line.

As I have mentioned in my previous article, Samurai is preparing itself for a split. they are getting a group of officers together so when the time comes, they will be ready. When this happens there will then be five squads in LW.

Squads of LW

KSI EPIC 6PLUS1 says, “Achilles has come back from a lot of hardship. We have lost Generals and other great members in recent weeks. Through all of this we have remained strong and we are pushing on growing and healing. Achilles is full of great members and i feel I owe it to them to be the general this squad needs. I feel that if we keep recruiting and can continue having a good time that our squad can accomplish anything.”

KSI TrippStarr says, “Hannibal is starting to promote their sergeants to officers . We are starting to build there squad from the ground up, With the current actively lately we will have a solid squad in the coming months. We are also going to be hosting more game nights to get the squad active.”

After a brief interview with the founder, KSI Seraphim 7, this is what he had to say, “I see Legendary Warriors with 5 or 6 strong squads with good officer staff within the next year, with a positive and motivated division of sargents and corporals that love the community as much as I do.” Seraphim has been a founder since May 2017.

The co-founder Gary 7 said, “I would like us to be at flagship status in 12 months time. I feel it is a very realistic goal”. Gary 7 has been a co-founder since April 2017.

KSI X Karma 7 says, “she is very excited about building her squad Caesar. I’m  building the foundation for my squad from the ground up. With the help pf the other members and officers I believe we can accomplish anything set before us.

KSI D3Kr1pt3d says, “In the short time as General of Samurai I have managed to find the hard workers and start moving them up. That way the squad has the best helping lead and maybe soon take over. I also pride myself in spreading motivation in the squad and even across LW all together.

Previous Members

Shout out to the following people who helped with LW from the start:




KSI Green 7

KSI Lily 7

KSI PaperBag 7

KSI Country 7




KSI OhMyLanta 7

KSI Squirrel



KSI Fatality 7



KSI Change 7


KSI Collector 7

KSI Ascend 7

KSI Starset 7

KSI Azrael 7


KSI xPineapple

KSI Comic




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