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KSI Viral Videos – Spirit Week 2017 Edition!

This week for Viral Videos, we’re bringing you a special Spirit Week edition!

Below are the 1st place winners for the last five months of KSI Global’s Upload Studio montage competition! Voting is open on the forums for the Grand Champion montage.

Feel free to check these videos out and go vote on the KSI Forums. Voting is at this link.

Also, the Spirit Week Shout Out thread can be found here as well. Enjoy!

FEBRUARY – KSI Danger15 / Last Strike

MARCH – KSI ZenoMeta 7 / Last Strike

APRIL – KSI Reclaimer177 / Legendary Warriors

MAY – KSI x Oblivious – Explosive Outlaws

JUNE – KSI Plu / Forced Induction


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