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KSI Department News and Notes (6 June 2017)

KSI has two distinct parts, if you weren’t aware.

There’s Clan-Ops, which are the squads and divisions that make up the majority of our member base, and there is Web-Ops, which is the overarching category that contains the forums, websites, and departments!

Our departments are active and involved for KSI’s members to join and enhance their involvement in the community and improve the experience for other members as well.

For News, we are hoping to get more writers on staff! That means two stories a month about gaming or KSI. If you don’t want to, or can’t, meet those deadlines, we also except submissions from the community.

The submission thread is here.

You can interview people in your squad or division, or just write an opinion piece you’d like to share with the community about a game, an idea, or the community.

This gives us content and allows you to be creative and contribute to the community.

Under News, there is the History Team, that is slowly being brought back. History writers can explore the archives on the forums and write about how people, squads, divisions, and ideas have morphed and changed over time.

Productions is always looking for editors and streamers, while Graphics is looking for people who are willing to learn and contribute to KSI’s graphics content.

To apply for a Department, click here and utilize our Join a Department Section.

Also, congrats to KSI Gary 7 for his recent promotion to Co-Head of Productions. Hooah.

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About ImPeRiiuM

Just a small town girl. Wait, no. Just a city boy. Wait. Just a guy.

    Great article. Congrats to Gary 7 as well.

  • KSI Gary 7

    I really look forward to my new position !!! The sky’s the limit !!! Hooaah

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@KSIGlobalGaming It’s been an amazing spirit week this year! #WD has stepped it up and brought their A game. I couldn’t be more excited to be apart of this division with these amazing people ❤️

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