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AAP: ‘OTM’ Winners May 2017

The AAP is proud to present the winners of the May Of The Months Awards 2017!

Director: KSI Pantsir 7

Division Leader: KSI Veriitas 7

Founder: KSI Rebel FS 7

Co-founder: KSI Gary 7

General: KSI x Karma 7

Captain: KSI Rex

Lieutenant: KSI Plu

Member: KSI Dragonball

Productions: KSI ShadowFoxx

GFX: +.Vee

Congratulations to our May winners, and huge thank you to all those participating this month. We are looking forward to seeing you all in the AAP section this summer!

Scotland & Emmy

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About Truecifer

  • KSI Gary 7

    Congratulations everyone!! Great job

  • Austin Huffstetler

    May I please talk to KSI x Karma 7 about some thing but also I am interested in joining

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