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AAP: ‘OTM’ Winners April 2017

The AAP is proud to present the winners of the ‘OTMS’ for April 2017!

Please make sure to congratulate the winners for being recognized for their hard work throughout this community.

Senior Leader: KSI Greg 7

Director: KSI Pantsir 7

Division Leader: KSI xTheKing 7

Co-division Leader: KSI Bearded 7

Founder: KSI Killer 7

Co-founder: KSI Jewel 7

General: KSI Hhooters 7

Captain: KSI Gizmo

Lieutenant: KSI EvEnChKN

Member: KSI Brawler

Forum Staff: Emmy

Writer: KSI Bushy 7

GFX: Tavie

The next AAP ‘OTM’ nominations will be opened around the end of this month, so make sure to keep an eye out so you can take the time to appreciate those around you. Many people work very hard in this community and it can mean the world to anyone who doesn’t feel appreciated.

The AAP Department congratulates the winners, as well as all who were nominated, keep up the great work and keep striving to improve! We also thank everyone who participated in the nomination process and hope to see you all when it’s time for the next round of awards.

– KSI Scotland 7 and KSI Emmmy 7

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@KSIGlobalGaming It’s been an amazing spirit week this year! #WD has stepped it up and brought their A game. I couldn’t be more excited to be apart of this division with these amazing people ❤️

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