AAP: ‘DOTM’ Winners January 2018

AAP is proud to announce the Divisional ‘Of the Month’ winners for January 2018!

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The AAP is proud to present the January 2018 DOTM winners!

The Divisional Of The Months has finally been brought back after beeing dormant for a long time. They will be alternating with the regular Of The Months, coming back every second month. We are happy with the good participation from almost all the divisional 7s, and look forward to continuing to work with you all.

The divisional winners are:

Lieutenant – KSI Wulfblood34
Captain – KSI xZieirox
General –  KSI R3v3lations

Sergeant/Staff Sergeant –  KSIXxDropShotxX
Lieutenant – KSIxGodzilla
Captain – KSIxDarkReaper
General – KSI SourPeaches

Sergeant/Staff Sergeant – KSI Emojie
Lieutenant – KSI Dragons 7
Captain – KSI Joe 7
General – KSI Blood

Sergeant/Staff Sergeant – KSI LeedleLee 16
Lieutenant – KSI StickyBomb
Captain – KSI Courier
General – KSIxNebula

Sergeant/Staff Sergeant – KSI SwiggityTaco
Lieutenant – KSI Ruby
Captain – KSI JessiRedJet
General – KSI DaQuestion

Sergeant/Staff Sergeant – KSI EricCartman
Lieutenant – KSI Gh0sTWolf
Captain – KSI reapers2010
General – KSI Eyonia

Sergeant/Staff Sergeant – KSI xSithisx
Lieutenant – KSI FadeZ 7
Captain – KSI Free bigray
General – KSI AceStrkr25

Sergeant/Staff Sergeant – KSI DarkEinhorn
Lieutenant – KSI Mayor
Captain – KSI Freya
General – KSI Blazuto 7 (Previously KSI Blazin1)

We thank all participants from January, and look forward seeing everyone for the February OTMs!

Emmy & RiiOT

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